Apr 3, 2013

Sedgwick Museum display case refit

Refurbishment of antique display cases for research exhibitions

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Posted by: Sarah

The Sedgwick Museum is currently working with Cambridge-based Design Company NortonAllison on the refurbishment of three of its display cases to function as a flexible temporary exhibition space.

Currently the cases function as a storage area and are very rarely used. The results of this project will be a dedicated temporary exhibition space - something that does not currently exist in the Museum. This will allow more objects to be placed on display and will also open up the possibility to host curated programmes produced in partnership with other University of Cambridge Museums and further a field.

The refurbishment will consist of new case locks, alarms, lighting, electrical points and a flexible shelving and display board design which will enable the cases to house different types of exhibition.

This space will be used primarily to showcase research taking place in the Department of Earth Sciences. Museum, academic and research staff will work together to produce engaging displays, running for 6-12 months, which aim to widen access to this new research to the Museum’s visitors.

Ways to utilise digital display technology will be explored through these exhibitions and evaluation will aid the Museum in unlocking the digital potential of its permanent displays.

The opening exhibition, entitled ‘From Mountains to Microscope: A new window into Cambrian life’, is due spring 2013. Developed with Dr Tom Harvey and Dr Nick Butterfield, the exhibition will highlight research on carbonaceous microfossils from 550 million year old Cambrian rocks of North America, following the journey of both scientist and fossil from the field to the laboratory.

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