Nov 27, 2007

New Learning Resources for Secondary Science

Sedgwick Museum Launches Free New Learning Resources for Secondary Science

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Posted by: Sarah

The Sedgwick Museum's Education Officer has worked in partnership with the Secondary Consultant for Suffolk and a group of teachers based in Suffolk Schools to produce a new set of learning resources to support the teaching of ideas and evidence in the Key Stage 3 Science curriculum.

"Ideas and Evidence at the Sedgwick Museum" is a pack of resources including teacher’s notes, high quality images, activity templates and worksheets which deal explicitly with the ideas and evidence content in the KS3 curriculum in the context of rocks and fossils. The contents cover and guide teachers through two pre-visit lessons, a visit to the Sedgwick Museum, and a post-visit lesson to consolidate the visit. The classroom-based activities can also all be used individually and slotted into existing lesson plans, and most of the Museum-based activities can be easily adapted for use in the classroom.
A loan box of real rock, fossil and mineral specimens from the Sedgwick Museum handling collections is also available to teachers in Suffolk secondary and middle schools to support the teaching of the activities in the pack. This box will be administered through the County Council Offices in Ipswich. Please contact the Secondary Consultant to find out more.

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