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This year because of Covid-19 we are putting our activities online. With films, activities and games there is plenty to keep you entertained at the University of Cambridge Museums website

museum gallery

Sensory disability friendly opening

Thursday, 29 October 2020 from 10:00-12:00 

This is aimed at children with special educational needs who find visiting museums overwhelming due to sensory processing conditions.

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gravel and hands

Gravel Hunters
You don't need to go far to find fossils. Check out our Gravel Hunters video and see what fossil you might discover.

Download the Gravel Hunters ID sheet to help  you with your hunt.

build a bird

To celebrate our new Dawn of the Wonderchicken online exhibition by Daniel Field, learn about different types of bird and how they are adapted to the environment they live in. Follow the How to sheet and use the Information sheets to help you 'Build a Bird'.

Also, see here for a new 'Look,think,do' activity at the Fitzwilliam Museum about the Audubon flamingo.

Dinosaur visor Too sunny out there? Make your own dinosaur visor.

Dinosaur feet

Make a pair of roarsome dinosaur feet.

deep earth

Looking for some fun ways to learn more about the Earth? The Deep Earth Seismology group has lots of activities to try at home, everything from mold-able soap Earths to crotchet!


Ever wondered what dinosaurs lived in Cambridge? Find out with these colouring sheets.

triceratops colouring

Get creative with some more dinosaur colouring sheets, plus a few dinosaur wannabes!

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Please check our new opening times and book your free tickets here


Back at the beginning of lock down the Getty museum challenged us to recreate famous works of art with objects from around the home (#GettyMuseumChallenge). As soon as I heard about it I knew I had to make the Duria Antiquior. Despite it’s size, you might have missed the ‘Duria’, high up on a wall in the Jurassic pond area of the museum.

University of Cambridge Museums (UCM) create 28 page Explore and Create pack for families in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.