Friends of the Sedgwick Museum Privacy Policy under General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), 2018

From 25 May 2018 The Friends of the Sedgwick Museum is required to adopt the GDPR. It introduces new requirements for all organisations that manage personal data. This involves more stringent requirements for obtaining consent to contact our members, and for collecting and managing their personal information.

Personal Information held by FOSM on computer file
The personal data, collected directly from members, are restricted to:
Name, Address, Telephone number (landline and/or mobile), email address
Gift Aid Status, Membership status – Concession/ Young Person/Standard/ Honorary /Life
Subscription and Donation Record

Reason Data held
To keep members informed about forthcoming events and enable the Committee to manage its activities and events, including field trips.

How the personal data are collected, stored, updated and shared
The personal data are collected from members on registration . At annual Subscription Renewal time members are shown our current data holding and have the opportunity to update it. They may also request an update at any other time by contacting
When membership ceases, in accordance with the Data Protection Act we will erase the member’s contact information from our data base
The master copy of the members’ personal data is held within an Excel database on a free standing PC currently held by the Treasurer, along with a record of the history of members’ subscriptions and donations as needed for financial management of the Charity. A copy of the personal contact data component is passed electronically, with password protection, to other members of the Committee and secretarial support as needed to fulfil their roles. All officers are required to hold only the most up-to-date versions and to destroy earlier copies. Officers organising specific events who hold temporary listings of Friends’ contact information are required to delete/destroy them once the event is completed.
The personal data are never shared with any other organisations or individuals. Also, please note that if a member requests personal information (eg email address) about another member this will never be passed on without permission of the individual concerned.

What information is circulated to the Friends’
The GDPR enables organisations to identify information which can be circulated to all members unless they explicitly make a request to “opt-out” – by contacting .
The Friends of the Sedgwick Museum defines the following communications as ‘core’ to its activities, which are made by email where possible:
• Friends’ Newsletter, currently distributed about three times per year
• Annual Subscription Renewal Request or Confirmation with follow-up as required
• Communications relating to specific field trips and events
• Information relating to the Friends’ Annual General Meeting
Friends’ are encouraged to receive as much information as possible by email as this significantly reduces the cost and is more efficient for our volunteer officers.

Photographs may sometimes be published in the Friends’ Newsletter, and on the FOSM website . Photographs of people taken in public places are not covered by GDPR but where a photograph has a focus of interest on one or two individuals then their consent to publish must be obtained. Individuals will not be identified by name without explicit permission.

FOSM Website and Newsletter
All individuals referred to in these publications should be asked to approve the details of name etc published.