Resources to use in the classroom

We know it is not always possible to visit the museum. Below are some information sheets and ideas for hands on activites that can be down loaded and used in the classroom.

You can find more rock, fossil and dinosaur activites on the University or Cambridge Museums website. Refine your search for 'Sedgwick Museum' to see them all.

Rocks and minerals
Investigating rocks information sheet KS1-3
Investigating rock activities sheet KS1-3
Investigating minerals information sheet KS1-3
Investigating minerals activities sheet KS1-3
Rock cycle Graphic
Rock cycle Information sheet
Earthquake monitor Monitor earthquakes globally in near real-time

Investigating fossils information sheet KS1-3
Investigating fossils activities sheet KS1-3
What are trace Fossils? KS2
Dinosaur vs a blue whale Find out who is bigger KS1-3
Bag of Bones Hands on activties to think like a palaeontologist KS1-2
Dinosaur Feet Make dinosaur feet to wear next time you visit KS1-2
Creatasaurus Draw your own dinosaur KS1-2
What's in a name? How do scientists name new fossils KS1

Links with the Polar Museum

Geologist Frank Debenham founded the Scott Polar Research Institute to continue the polar research that Scott started. Initially, the Institute was housed in one room of the Sedgwick Museum, before moving to its current location on Lensfield Road.

Fossil Plant
Find out more about this fossil plant from Antarctica. Includes links to a short film and activity ideas for the classroom
Geological hammer
Find out an alternative use for geological hammers in Antarctica. Includes links to a short film and activity ideas for the classroom. Find out more about the Sedgwick Museums unique historical collection of geological hammers in our exhibition ‘Tools of the Trade


investigating fossils investigating minerals investigating rocks

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Back at the beginning of lock down the Getty museum challenged us to recreate famous works of art with objects from around the home (#GettyMuseumChallenge). As soon as I heard about it I knew I had to make the Duria Antiquior. Despite it’s size, you might have missed the ‘Duria’, high up on a wall in the Jurassic pond area of the museum.

University of Cambridge Museums (UCM) create 28 page Explore and Create pack for families in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.